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The main text of the e-book cannot be copied or printed. (To receive a printed copy, click on “The Paperback Book” above.) However, you can print the endnotes of the e-book for ease of reference. To read the endnotes on the e-book, click on the reference number and your browser will go to the endnote pages. You can view the appendices in the same way. To return to the main text of the book, click the back button (the upper left arrow) on your web browser. If you cannot access the text of the book, or have other difficulties, try one or more of the following:

Make sure you have high-speed Internet connection. If you are using dial-up connection (a slow speed connection) it will take very long to download and you won’t see anything for several minutes.

Make sure you have an up-to-date pdf reader program on your computer. You can download these from the Internet. Some pdf readers work better than others.

Use a different web browser.

A computer at your local library should have one of these current pdf readers and high-speed Internet.

If you still can’t read it by any means, there may be a problem in the computer’s configuration.