Table of Contents

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Acknowledgments   9

Just Suppose   11

1. Thinking Inside the Box (Milieu Control)   19
2. Illusion to Disillusion (Mystical Manipulation)   31
3. Getting Nowhere Fast (The Demand for Purity)   45
4. Vocal Self-Degradation (The Cult of Confession)   61
5. Thou Shalt Not Question (The “Sacred Science”)   77
6. The Language of Nonthought (Loading the Language)   97
7. Fitting the Rigid Mold (Doctrine Over Person)   115
8. The Elitists (The Dispensing of Existence)   143

From Control to Freedom   155

A. Comments on Visions   159
B. Therapeutic Confessions   161
C. Pros and Cons of an Accountability Partner   163
D. What Is Faith?   167
E. How will God deal with those who have never heard about Jesus?   169

Notes   171

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