Many are the books that focus on the theological distortions and/or aberrant practices of religious groups, but this book is different. It discusses and illustrates the dynamics of mind control found in totalitarian groups, including cults, religions, terrorists, etc. A must read perspective!
— James Bjornstad, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, retired, Cedarville University; author,       expert on new religions.

Martin exposes the science of cults and abusive leadership while gracefully offering healing and encouraging words to readers who have been affected by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Jonathan Faulkner

Listed under “Best books on spiritual abuse” in Provender

Recommended by the filmmakers of Paradise Recovered

Listed among the top of Steve Smith’s recommended resources for people recovering from spiritual abuse in his website Liberty for Captives

A very good book. Highly recommended!
–Greg Sammons, M.Ed., PC, Executive Director of
Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for The Heresy of Mind Control. It’s really helping me with my own studies, and is so spot on in describing my own experience with a Christian cult, I’m going to order more copies for my fellow survivors.
–Kenneth Garret, former cult member and now a student pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree.

I am very impressed with your book. It clearly describes the kinds of spiritual abuse I have seen in my practice and in various churches personally. The perpetrators I have heard about, and some pastors I have been unfortunate enough to cross paths with, all used these techniques to control, confuse and manipulate, and I can see these damaged and damaging folks all over these pages.
–Kira Love Flores, MS, LMFT

I was grateful to find a book about mind control in organizations of the Christian persuasion, particularly the healthy dose of Scriptures the book provides to counter what’s taught in them.   I’m using the book to help myself recover, and later I’m hoping to help others recover as well.   Thanks so much for your work on this. Very encouraging to see Scripture being interpreted in such a way as to provide a truer (and therefore freeing) picture of Jesus Christ and Christianity. For those of us who don’t want to throw away the “baby” (Jesus and the Holy Scriptures) out with the “bathwater” (cults and other spiritually-abusive relationships), this book is a gift.
–Deborah B.

George Orwell stated that “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  The context that Orwell had in mind is totalitarian governments (the topic of his books 1984 and Animal Farm). Robert Lifton developed 8 criteria that are common among totalitarian groups that employ mind control. While Lifton studied the brainwashing techniques employed by the communists in China, cult experts have applied his criteria to characterize other oppressive groups… I have found Stephen’s book to contain many valuable insights based on a merger of Lifton’s characteristics and Biblical wisdom, providing a valuable resource for all Christians.
–Lonnie Welch